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Siddaramiah For CM

Federal India

Indian Liberals PAC is a non-partisan Liberal group who support Liberal politicians irrespective of party affiliation. Making India more federal is one of the core missions of our group.

Liberal Agenda for Federalism

There are a number of causes we're pursuing towards making India more federal. They include:
1. Abolition of appointed state governors. Instead Governors must be elected by a State Electoral College similar to the President.
2. Abolition of CGST. Consumption based Goods and Services tax is a state tax. Union Govt cannot levy GST.
3. Re-introduction of domicile requirement for representing a state in the Rajya Sabha. Only those residing a state without a break for 5 years must be allowed to contest Rajya Sabha election from that state.
4. NEET, JEE-Main exams cannot be the only means of admission into all Medical and Engineering colleges in India. States should be allowed to conduct entrance exams for admission into colleges within the state. A portion of the seats can be filled by NEET and JEE-Main.
5. Allowing each state to have a flag, state anthem in addition to state govt emblem.
6. Railway lines like Nationa Highways must be jointly maintained by Union and State governments.
7. Union must hand over PSU banks that predominently operate within a state to the respective state governments.

Endorsement - Federal Front

Every election, we make endorsements for candidates, parties, and coalitions based on our assessment of the most Liberal option available to the voters.
In the Loksabha election of 2019, we're endoring the Federal Front - an alliance of State parties that are taking on the entrenched Delhi based parties namely BJP and Congress.

Since our inception in 2016, we have endorsed the following options.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly 2018 - Mr. Kamalnath led Congress.
Rajasthan Assembly 2018 - Mr. Ashok Gehlot led Congress.
Telangana Assembly 2018 - Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao led TRS.
Chattisgarh Assembly 2018 - Mr. Raman Singh led BJP.
Mizoram Assembly 2018 - Mr. Zoramthanga led MNF.
Karnataka Assembly 2018 - Mr. Siddaramaiah led Congress.
Congress President election 2018 - Mr. Ahmed Patel.
Gujarat Assembly 2018 - Mr. Bharat Singh Solanki led Congress.
Meghalaya Assembly 2018 - Mr. Conrad Sangma led NPP.
Nagaland Assembly 2018 - Mr. T. R. Zeliang led NPF.
Tripura Assembly 2018 - No endorsement.
Uttar Pradesh Assembly 2017 - Mr. Akhilesh Yadav led SP-INC Coalition.

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